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Focusing on trees for over 15 years. We provide trees with healthy pruning and removals all year long. We are equipped to handle any tree, big or small, it can done with us.

Tree Removal

Morales Tree Service is a fully equipped tree company that can handle any tree that a client needs removed. With our lifts, skid steers, grinders, and experienced crews, there isn't a project we can't handle. We work efficiently and carefully to be able to remove any tree as safely as possible for our clients.


Tree Trimming

Here at Morales Tree Service, we take care of our clients trees. We make sure that your tree is well maintained and taken care of all year long. A complete trimming includes removing broken and dead limbs, raising the canopy, making sure your tree is symmetrical from all sides, and removing anything hazardous over your property. A successful trimming is waiting for you.

Land Clearing

Over the years we have helped many developers, sellers, and buyers with their commercial and residential projects. We are experienced with clearing parcels of land and assuring they are ready for land use. Trees are usually the first to go and we would love to be first company in when your parcel of land needs clearing. Our skid steers and wood chippers are ready to go when your project begins.

Cutting Woods

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinders are always on site with us. We can remove and grind stumps on the spot. Stump grinding is very important when you want to level out a piece of grass on your property. We leave it ready so that you can happily choose whats going in its place.

Tree Planting

We remove, we trim, and we plant. Our crew is able to pick up and deliver a tree of your choice and help you precisely pick the location of your new loving tree. We carefully plant trees in locations where they can grow and mature safely without having any issues.

Planting New Trees
Camp Fire


From maple, oak, birch, cherry and all the woods that our wood burning customers love, we have it all. We separate our wood so that you can enjoy from all kinds of scents and for the use that you desire. Our firewood is ready to burn as soon as its delivered. 

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